32mm Hermes Belt Kit set

BrandedSG is proud to bring you another popular “H buckle” Hermes belt!

This kit comes with a gold buckle and a black/brown belt. Of course, you’ll also get the full, original packaging; the cloth bag, box, paper bag and even the ribbon.

Our price: S$1,xxx [SOLD]

Email brandedsg1@gmail.com or lionsparadesg@gmail.com to deal!

Hermes Two-Tone Belt with 32mm Gold Buckle
Belt size: 90cm. (30 – 32 inches waist)

(As a rough guide, measure your favourite belt from the buckle to the hole that is most often used. If it measures 90cm, then this belt will fit you. More info on sizing here.)

Belt colour: Hermes textured (Toga) brown and black – Please refer to photos for the exact colour tone.

Buckle width: approximately 6cm

Buckle colour: Gold.

Check out more pictures of the belt:


Gold on brown


Third party review on the world’s most sought after belt

Hermes Belt Kit
Hermes Belt Kit

Why your Dad doesn’t need another tie

Happy Father's Day to all
Happy Father’s Day to all

A clue for Father’s Day present seekers. Your dad probably don’t need another tie (he seldom wear a tie anyway), What your dad needs is a gift with more thought, more personality and more importantly, something that he will use.

Remember how long your dad spent bathing you, teaching you how to kick a ball, picking you up at 4 am when you are drunk and cannot get any taxi home?

BrandedSG has two excellent belts available in our collection for your excellent dad this Father’s Day.

Hermes H Belt Gold Buckle

Hermes H Belt Silver Matt Buckle

Because your dad deserve it.


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