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More often than not, we get a lot of questions on the authenticity of the products we are selling here.

Without sounding like a broken music player, we would like to assure and re-assure all our customers that all our products are sourced directly from the respective brands’ shops, from various cities all over Europe.

We absolutely hate words like “genuine replica”, “Grade A fake”, “original copy” etc, and think that these fakes are an insult to the original design/designer.

To ensure that our customers do not get wool pulled over their eyes, we have been diligently educating you on the ways to differentiate between a fake and a genuine product.

As such, we thought that it will be helpful to set up a Frequently Asked Questions Page to address your concerns:

Q: We are spending hundreds/thousands of our hard-earned money. How do we get the reassurance that we will get what we are paying for?

A: See above. Where available, the product will always be accompanied by an authenticity card. Items such bags and wallets usually come with an authenticity card. For others, such as earrings and belts, these often do not come with authenticity cards. In fact, if you come across earrings and belts with such a card, you might want to think twice about the purchase.

As far as possible, we will provide you with a copy of the original receipt. The warranty is usually international i.e. as long as it is genuine, the local shop is obligated to service the product.

Q: If the product turns out to be fake, will you refund me my money?

A: We guarantee and assure you that ALL our products are genuine. As such, all goods sold are not refundable nor exchangeable. All our products are specially curated during our trip aboard.

Why so?

We usually do face to face transactions to reassure our customers that all our products are genuine, and to give our customers the opportunity to examine the product. In fact, we prefer this method of transaction for you to be comfortable with the items you are purchasing and the people you are dealing with (FYI, we are 100% born and bred Singaporeans with family). Thanks to a lot of our supporters, we have been in business since 2013.

Q: How can you be selling cheaper than the boutiques?

A: It’s a trade secret, but we do lots of homework and spent a lot of personal time to bring this platform to you. Truth be told, it is difficult prying the items for sale away from the hands of our spouses!

Q: Do you do delivery?

A: For delivery within Singapore – Yes we try to, to anywhere within mainland Singapore. Please check the timing with us, but often we try to do the delivery asap.

For overseas buyers – Please check with us on the cost of freight. You may also be subject to taxes within your own country. We do need the money to be transferred to us either via bank transfer or PayPal before we courier the item overseas. Do email us for more details.

Q: If you are genuine, why can’t you provide your contact number?

A: We tried, but there are too many internet trolls and robots that take our contact number for spam and we rather they don’t do so. Our wives also get suspicious when our hand phone rings in the middle of the night because of spam calls.

Q: The crystal from the earrings purchased from you dropped!!! What should I do?

A: Take a deep breath, don’t panic. Bring the earrings to any Chanel boutique, they will help restore your earrings to original condition without any additional charges. No receipt? Fret not, Chanel recognizes original item purchase from their store, they don’t need a receipt to do any restoration (we have done that plenty of times, trust us on this)

As such, if you have any queries, feel free to email us for details and we will usually reply within one day.

Q: I am interested in the Hermes Belt, but I don’t know my size. Will you be able to advise?

A: The general rule is to buy a belt one size larger than the trouser size.  While it looks daunting to buy a new belt, it is not that difficult to buy a Hermes belt in the correct size.


If it is your first time buying a Hermes belt, our recommendation is that you make a trip down to the local Hermes shop to get the actual measurement.

Alternatively, what you can do is that the standard belt kit is measured from the buckle to the 2nd hole (centre) on the other end. To find your size, measure your favorite belt from the buckle to the hole you use most. You can refer to our detailed sizing guide here.

Q: I don’t know which one to get for my other half. Which Chanel earrings are the most popular?

A: You usually cannot go wrong with the Classic Chanel CC earrings (approximately 1cm) if it is the first pair of Chanel earrings. Subsequent pairs we will usually recommend something more adventurous, even with beautiful pearls. But there are a lot of designs, and in every season Chanel introduces more and more. Some new earrings have the ‘timeless’ look that you’re looking for.

Have fun shopping.

Updated on 01 April 2018

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