Guide to … Why Choose a Good Quality Belt

Why Choose a Good Quality Belt?

1.  A good quality belt buckle its eye-catching and made from high-grade materials. Hermes is a traditional French leather house with hundreds of years of experience. A Hermes belt is made from the finest leather and with proper care, will not fade or crack for a long time.

2. You can get a cheaper belt for less than $100 dollars and it may last for a couple of months or maybe at most a year, but a good quality belt (with proper maintenance) will last for years with no sign of fading.

3.  The  Hermes H belt is iconic and will NEVER go out of style. It is classic, chic, and can be dressy or casual. You can wear it with a suit, a pair of jeans or on Friday dress down day. If you are only ever going to own one designer belt in your lifetime, this is the one to go for.

4.  Because there is only a few ways to tell the difference between a polished and well dressed man from otherwise. A H belt speaks volume of the taste. Just imagine a person wearing a Goldlion belt as compared to a Hermes belt.

– From BrandedSG team

Updated 1 July 2014

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