About BrandedSG (Singapore)

BrandedSG is conceptualized and put together by a few army buddies way back in early 2013. Initially, we thought that 2.55 is some version number, a Trapeze is a circus act and that a Luggage is some square-shaped box that you travel with. But, we were enlightened after a bit of education from our better halves, through our travels and of course, the internet.
Now that we can differentiate a hobo from a tote, we’re spreading our love for all things shiny, leathery and everything nice, here on this platform. For our fellow guys, we understand it is a daunting world of fashion out there and we are here to make our lives easier.
If you’re interested in an item on our website or to find out more, drop us an email at enquiry@curatedsg.com!



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