Guide to Hermès Belt-Kit 32mm

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(SG) Nothing shouts class more than a Hermès Belt. Leather goods produced by the French luxury brand Hermès have been around since the middle of the 19th century.

The Hermès Belt-Kit 32mm is probably one of the most iconic and popular men’s belt in the world. It is classic, chic, and can be dressy or casual. You can wear it with a suit, a pair of jeans or on Friday dress down day. If you are only ever going to own one designer belt in your lifetime, this is the one to go for. The belt is reversible, so it actually gives you the full flexibility of 2 colours, to suit your mood or your dressing for the day


In no particular order of the three 'S'. Every gentleman should strives to make a Statement, look Sophisticated and define his personal Style.

A typical statement piece usually falls into three categories: a watch, a belt or a pair of shoes. Anything that falls out of the three categories fall in danger of looking too flamboyant or too cheap. The statement piece should be versatile enough to work with almost any look, yet understated enough to complement any outfit without drawing overt attention.

Sounds tough eh?

BrandedSG personal statement piece is the reversible Hermes leather belt. We know that it is not the cheapest belt in the market but for Hermes belt, the old mantra applies "what you pay is what you get". The belt buckles are absolutely top notch quality and the excellent grade leather with great stitching.

Statement.  Style. Sophistication - Specially curated by BrandedSG

Quality is quality.If properly maintained, Hermes belt can last you decades!

Because it is a reversible two-tone leather belt, the versatility is second to none. It pairs well with almost anything from work pants, to chinos, to jeans and even a nice berm for the sophisticated weekend look.. It can create a statement on its own without drawing attention away from other pertinent details of your attire.

Guide to Hermes Belt-Kit

The Hermès Belt-Kit 32mm comes with a reversible leather belt (leather and Hermès Toga leather) and the buckle comes in 3 designs:

Highest price point: Idem buckle – comes in palladium plated or gold plated. The price is highest among the three buckles.

Idem Buckle
Idem buckle

Mid price point: Muse/Quizz buckle, comes in silver and palladium platted, is cheaper than Idem, but more expensive than H5382.

Entry price point: H5382 buckle (also known as the classic buckle), the choices available are brushed silver & palladium plated, silver & palladium plated, brushed gold plated or gold plated.

H 5 bucke
H 5382 buckle

Hermes belt size conversion chart

Buying a Hermès belt in the correct size is very important. If the belt is too short, it may become uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the belt is too long, the excess leather will flap around and this may ruin an outfit. The general rule is to buy a belt one size larger than the trouser size.  While it looks daunting to buy a new belt, it is not that difficult to buy a Hermes belt in the correct size.

The standard belt kit is measured from the buckle to the 2nd hole (centre) on the other end. To find your size, measure your favorite belt from the buckle to the hole you use most.

Hermes Belt Sizing Chart
Hermes Belt Sizing Chart

How to Spot a Fake Hermes H Belt

1) Do NOT buy one on eBay or anywhere other website that claims to be "authentic but cheap". Nothing authentic comes cheap. Only purchase from the original Hermes stores or a reputable local site (like us!).

2) Don't expect to find the original belt at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok or your local Pasar Malam (Night Market). : P

3) The H Buckle (also known as H 5382 buckle) comes in only two different fonts  and style ( brushed silver & palladium plated, silver & palladium plated, brushed gold plated or gold plated).

4) Hermes boutique do NOT sell Leather nor Buckle separate. So if anyone tries to sell you either the leather or the buckle separately, alarm bells should start ringing.

5) The original box set will comes in square orange box with circles to fit the belt and in the middle place for the buckle and its dust bag. That all what comes with the belt: Orange box, dust bag for the buckle (should be small square shape), box ribbon.  Anything come extra then it’s fake! Again, if there is a warranty card or serial no. card provided, it is a dead giveaway that it is fake.

6) Leather. If you are not familiar with the Hermes Togo leather yeah it might be tricky specially online. Check with us if you are not sure.

7) Leather. Like all Hermes leather products they heat stamp year and craftsman stamp.  Hermes belt size comes in cm, like 80cm, 90 cm, 95 cm etc. They don’t stamp size like 38/100 like Gucci!

8) Buckle. The old production buckle won’t come with "Made in France engraved" on the backside, it will be only in the recent production buckles. so if you got a belt 2004 production the buckle wont have "Made in France engraved" but if you have belt after 2010 then it should be engraved on the buckle.

9) Buckle. All buckles should come with Hermes logo engraved. The Hermes gold buckles are gold plated and silver are made of palladium so whenever you see the gold stamp 18k, it’s definitely fake!

10) Hermès belts should never have any chips at the corner or any bubbles of metal on the buckle.

11) Buyers should look for a Hermès imprint on the bottom of the buckle. This should be clear and correctly spelled. The second "e" in Hermès should always have an accent over it.

12) The buckle should close perfectly and feel heavy in the hand. Another thing to inspect carefully is the packaging: all the original packaging provided by the French manufacturer boasts quality, so it should not be faded or blurry.

Too much to look out for?

Get your Hermes H Belt from us for the peace of mind and assurance that what you are wearing is the original iconic H Belt. Hermès belts may cost much more than the average branded leather belt, they are considered investments by many. A classic Hermès H buckle belt goes well with virtually anything and can easily be the only necessary accessory, so it is well worth the price - and at a lower price point from BrandedSG.

- From BrandedSG team


Updated 1 June 2017


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