Gold buckle with black/brown leather belt

BrandedSG is proud to bring you another of  the popular “H” belt Hermes belt!

This kit comes with a gold buckle and a black/brown belt. Of course, you’ll also get the full, original packaging; the cloth bag, box, and even the ribbon.

Our price: S$1,xxx.[SOLD] To a nice lady

Email brandedsg1@gmail.com or lionsparadesg@gmail.com to deal!

Hermes Two-Tone Belt with 32mm Gold Buckle
Belt size: 95. As a rough guide, measure your favourite belt from the buckle to the hole that is most often used. If it measures 95cm, then this belt will fit you. More info on sizing here.
Belt colour: Hermes textured (Toga) brown and black
Buckle width: approximately 6cm
Buckle colour: gold.

Check out more pictures of the belt:

Here’s the texture Hermes brown
Gold on black
Gold on textured brown – Showing the versatility of the belt
Comes in the original packaging
Comes in the original packaging
The HERMES logo is intricately engraved on the top of the buckle.

Third party review on the world’s most sought after belt

Hermes Belt Kit
Hermes Belt Kit

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