Classic Hermes H belt with 32mm buckle – to protect it from scratches, the buckle comes with a layer of protective plastic.

There’s just something about the Hermes belt. It may be that alluring “H” buckle, the fact that it exudes plenty of class, or that it is extremely difficult to get in Singapore.  Want one? We have a set for sale!

Here’s what’s in the box:

– one brushed-silver 32mm buckle
– a two tone (black/orange – refer to photos below for colour tone) leather belt in size 90 (32 inches at the middle hole; fits waists from 30-35 inches).

It will cost you at least S$1,300 at local Hermes shops and it is always sold out. Waiting list? Pfft. Get it instantly through us for just S$1,xxx. [SOLD]

Email brandedsg1@gmail.com or lionsparadesg@gmail.com to deal, or for more information.

The belt set comes with original packaging.

Silver matt buckle:

32mm Matt Silver Buckle with protective plastic
Orange Toga leather side
Classic black side
Size and the authenticity stamp
Size and the authenticity stamp

In case you haven’t realised, we only sell originals.

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