Spreading our love for all things shiny, leathery and everything nice. Why?

Now that we know better

After a bit of education from our better halves, through our travels and of course, the internet. Now that we are enlightened and can differentiate a hobo from a tote, we’re spreading our love for all things shiny, leathery and everything nice, here on this platform.

Only Originals. No Fakes

We absolutely hate words like "genuine replica", "Grade A fake", "original copy" etc, and think that these fakes are an insult to the original design/designer. To ensure that our customers do not get wool pulled over their eyes, we have been diligently educating you on the ways to differentiate between a fake and a genuine product.

It is a daunting world out there

BrandedSG is meant for everyone, whether you are looking for something for yourself or that special item for that special someone. We understand it is a daunting world of fashion out there and we are here to make your life easier.

So how does it work?

Browse through our selection of wonderful product
Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Goyard products. Specially curated for you.
Check out and pay
We accept paypal, bank transfer (SG) and cash-on-delivery. Always your preference.
And we'll deliver
Delivery are free of charge in Singapore. Please contact us for any delivery out of Singapore - we will advise on the shipping charges accordingly.

Who is BrandedSG?

Branded Singapore (CuratedSG) is a Singapore-based e-tailor platform selling specially curated genuine, new and BNIB luxury goods. Interested in Chanel, Dior, Hermes or Goyard? Like, follow, add us to the following platform:

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